Materials - Mixing Great Greeens
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 Although Mixing Great Greens is designed so you can use your own paints, paper, etc., I do ask that you have M. Graham’s Cadmium Yellow Light. Yes,  it’s important to get the exact color name by the exact maker.

Please note that I will have paints, paper, and some brushes available for purchase at the first class. Maimeri Blu paints are not carried by any of our local shops.

Feel free to bring all your own usual painting supplies/equipment. Here is a list of what I use:



Cadmium Yellow Light

M. Graham

Cadmium Red Light

Maimeri Blu

Quinacridone Rose

M. Graham

Ultramarine Violet

M. Graham

Pthalocyanine Blue

M. Graham


M. Graham

Permanent Orange

Maimeri Blu

Cadmium Red

M. Graham

Quinacridone Violet

M. Graham

Ultramarine Blue Deep

M. Graham

Green Blue

Mairmeri Blu

Permanent Green Light

M. Graham

Cerulean Blue

M. Graham

Naples Yellow


 *M. Graham paints are also available at Nevada Fine Arts (Reno) and The Craft Market (Carson City). 

Richeson 7000 series watermedia
     No. 10 round
     No. 12 round – optional
     No. 24 round
     3/4”  flat
     1 1/2” flat

to support watercolor paper –Gatorboard, lightweight drafting board, Artmate Champion Watercolor Backing Board, or equivalent

Watercolor paper –  Arches rough or cold press, or Waterford rough ,  140# preferred) –  we’ll be working with a quarter (11x15”) or half sheet (15x22”) size, depending on your preference. Measurements are approximate

Pencil –
either a B or a 2B softness

Kneadable eraser

Water container –
transparent plastic

Squirt bottle or plant mister –
needs to have a fine spray. I get mine at Raley’s.

Tissues or paper towels
– the cheaper the paper towels are, the worse they work. Viva is a great choice. Do not use tissues labeled as “ultra-soft”; they will not absorb water.

Plain old masking tape – 1 ½” wide

Mabef Backpacking (or “half French) easel. You will be fine with a brick or box to prop up the support board (or a table easel, if you wish, available at local art stores or major art suppliers)

Small, spiral-bound sketch pad & pencil/graphite stick/No. 2 litho crayon

Old clothes, smock or apron