Sweet Romance
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       Reiko Hervin is a full-time watercolor artist whose love of life and art are expressed exquisitely in her portraits and natural themes. Her artwork has an accent of Japanese sensitivity of luminous colors and dynamic expression in the compositions. She appreciates the power of the sun and the shadows which makes for a three dimensional effect where delicate colors lay on top of each other.
       Hervin started her art career in her native Japan as a graphic designer. She has loved art since she was young and graduated with honors from the Tokyo Design School, and received a second place award from the Japanese Ministry of Education for her calligraphy at the national competition level. She also worked at a major television station in Yokohama in their graphic design department. Hervin studied under one of the great masters of Japanese Art for several years. She continued studying watercolor after she moved to America, 1993.
       "In my floral portraits, I look for moments of grace and beauty, and try to create a moment of permanent splendor, because in real life nothing is permanent." She said. She likes to paint realistic subjects and imaginative colors that float together by watercolor. The viewers will get lost in there, and enjoy the time in between what is real and an illusion... A dream world... to forget for a moment their everyday life. The changing seasons are always a fascinating challenge for the different shades of light and color. She has created hundreds of pieces of artwork since settling in Smith Valley, Nevada in 1997. Most of these paintings are in private collections in the Carson Valley communities, also she has sold work across America, Europe, and Asia.
       She has won numerous awards. Her work appeared on the 'Watercolor Magic Magazine' November Issue web site, 2003. 2004, her painting was selected at the 'Watercolor West' 36th National judged show in LA. She is a juried member of the Watercolor West. Her Jazz theme painting was accepted to show at the New York City in 2006. One of her paintings will be in 'Splash 9, The best in Watercolor series book' in October 2006.
       She has shown her work at the Governor's Mansion and at the State Library and Archives in Carson City, where she had a first one-woman show 1999. Since then every year she has been invited to have a show around northern Nevada. In 2000, 2001 and 2002 she was a judge for the Lyon County Fair- Fine Art Exhibit.
       Hervin teaches Drawing & Watercolor Classes for art lover's adults and school children at the Gardnerville, Minden and Smith Valley in Nevada.

Gallery Information

East Fork Gallery (Gardnerville, NV) 775-782-7629
The Richardson Gallery (Reno, NV) 775-828-0888
Carson Valley Art Assoc. web site: www.cvart.org

email: dreamart-mue@juno.com