11/25/11   Update on Reiko’s condition.
     As you know, Reiko was hurt badly in an accident, where she was hit head on by a trailer carrying a Jeep being towed by a drunk driver.
     She suffered two broken legs, a broken left arm, her spleen was removed, liver damage, and other problems as well.  She is still not fully conscious, after 19 days.  She has had multiple operations.
     The good news is that every day she is getting better.
Reiko’s husband Kurt wants to thank everyone for their out-pouring of love and kindness to her.  He thinks this is what has sustained her during this difficult time.  Kurt has read every card and message that was sent to her and could see her eyes open and a slight smile on her face as he told her who it was from.
     Reiko is still in critical condition at
Renown Regional Medical Center: 1155 Mill Street; Reno, NV 89502.  No flowers, calls, and only immediate family can see her at this time. 
     You can send cards to Reiko at: 11 Norton Lane Wellington NV 89444.

 Gordon Pefley, Webmaster